5 Day Detox – Sugar Detox Made Easy

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This step by step guide on how to do a detox cleanse with vegetable juice recipes you can make from home will result in you getting that lean, sexy body and fantastic health you’ve always wanted! Not a “fad” diet, the “Sugar Detox Made Easy system is like pushing the ‘reset’ button on your body, making it brand new again from the inside-out and having it perform at its best. If you want to finally fit into those old skinny jeans, with a flat stomach and a slim waist, download “Sugar Detox Made Easy” today and get started!

2 reviews for 5 Day Detox – Sugar Detox Made Easy

  1. James

    I’ve only read a part of it but I feel it will be very beneficial to me.

  2. Rick E.

    Well, this book is a short but pretty informative guide to three-week sugar detox program. Undoubtedly, reducing the excess of carbs in our eating plan has significant health benefits. I guess, all these low-carb, Atkins, Paleo and ketogenic diet strategies use the same mechanism, as sugar detox do.

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